Bang for Your Buck


Bang for Your Buck: Getting the Most out of Your Technology Coach(es)

In our technology-rich schools, we know that changing classroom practice doesn’t end with the distribution of hardware and software. Building and sustaining current teaching and learning practices requires strong pedagogical support. Many schools have hired technology coaches (sometimes called facilitators or coordinators) to fulfil this role because they understand that it is the partnership between the teacher and coach that brings out the full potential of any laptop program.

However, not all coaching teams are created equally, and we can easily see that coaching is more effective in some schools than others. Is it all a matter of personality? Or skill set? Or expectations? This session will highlight key elements of a successful technology coaching program including what to expect from your coaches, as well as strategies and suggestions for hiring, building and sustaining a successful coaching team, based on experiences at International School Bangkok, Yokohama International School and NIST International School.