Digital Citizenship: The Forgotten Fundamental


In our excitement to use new technology tools to enable our students to connect, collaborate and share, we often neglect the attitudes, behaviors and ethics that go along with online interactions. This session will highlight the essential aspects of digital citizenship and share examples of how these skills and concepts are integrated into the learning experiences of students at Yokohama International School, Japan.

Resources from YIS

Digital Dragons (our YIS Digital Citizenship Curriculum)
YIS Responsible Use Policy & CLC Vision statement
Getting Connected Blog (Sharing our learning from our 1:1 program)
Community Learning Blog
Living with Laptops post for parents (including the video)
Student Tech Team Blog

Digital Citizenship Curriculum Models to Explore

Common Sense Media
Digital Citizenship Ed
Digital Citizenship in Schools
Digital Citizenship LiveBinder (collates resources from many places)
Generation Safe
Project New Media Literacies: Play!
The Digital Citizen (by Andrew Churches)

TIS Group/Grade Level Brainstorm

General Digital Citizenship Resources – click here to see them all!