Looking for Learning in a Digital Classroom


Looking for Learning in a Digital Classroom

Our teachers and students have access to a wide variety of devices – everything from one laptop per student, to sets of iPads or tablets for each classroom. But how do we know that those devices are being used to transform learning, and not just replicate what’s always been done, now in digital form? Or even worse, when the technology is used just for the sake of using technology, with no true purpose at all?

What should we be looking for when observing teachers and students in action? How can we tell that student learning is deeper, more authentic, or more relevant to today’s world when they’re using digital tools? How do we know that student learning is reaching the transformational level of the SAMR framework when we have only a few minutes in each classroom?

Starting with a deeper understanding of the SAMR and TPACK models of technology integration, this session will give administrators key areas to focus on during classroom observation so that they can evaluate and support teachers in their goals to transform student learning through the use of technology.



Some great L4L questions from our conversation:

  • How can we use technology better?
  • What are you creating?
  • What is this leading to?
  • Why does this matter?
  • Are you having fun?
  • Is this experience “future proof”?
  • Where would you apply this to your learning?
  • Would you prefer to do this without technology?
  • Did you choose the technology you’re using?
  • How can you take this outside the classroom and connect it with CAS or TOK?