Making a Lasting Impact

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You might not realize it, but you’re a graphic designer – and so are your students. Finding, arranging and citing unique media to successfully communicate a message is increasingly crucial in today’s digital world. Learn how to share creative commons media, engage audiences with “Presentation Zen” techniques, and empower students to become responsible digital creators.



And of course, check out the original inspiration for this presentation:

Videos Shown:

Steps to create your own image:

Goal: Think of a quote, statement, phrase, idea from this conference that really resonated with you & create a simple graphic with words & a Creative Commons image.

1. Go to
2. Check off the second box (modify, adapt, build upon)
3. Enter your search term
4. Click on Flickr
5. Click on “Interesting”
6. Find a picture you like and RIGHT CLICK on that image to open in a new tab
7. On the Flickr photo page, click on “Actions” and choose “All sizes”
8. Choose the medium image
9. RIGHT CLICK on your image to copy the image

10. Open your presentation software
11. Delete all of the text boxes
12. Paste your picture
13. Write your text/quote

14. Go back to your picture in Flickr, go back to the Photo Page and copy the URL
15. Paste the URL onto your slide
16. Save your slide as an images

16. If you have a flickr account, upload your new image to Flickr and tag it with #etc11