Making Time To Create


Many of us find ourselves saying that we’re “not creative” or that we don’t have the time to allow our students to be creative in class. But there is lots of interesting research that shows that spending time in creative spaces not only makes us happier, but helps us process our thinking and understand the world around us. Making time to create, and valuing that process, opens us up to potential failure and helps us instill a growth mindset. Sharing our creative works can also help us connect with others in ways that extends our thinking, inspires us, and helps us grow in meaningful ways.
There is clearly lots of value in making time to create, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. We need practice, we need encouragement, and we need time. How can we make sure we bring these kinds of ongoing creative experiences to our classrooms on a regular basis? How can we make sure we are providing our students with the time to explore and find their medium for creativity? How can we build in structures that help them develop understandings about how to be creative? This session will focus on the value and purpose of creativity in a classroom setting, as well as strategies and suggestions for making time to create – for both you and your learners.