Ordinary to Extraordinary


The Difference Between Ordinary & Extraordinary: Telling (and Owning) Your School’s Story

We’re all proud of our schools, our students, and our community. Our students are engaged in outstanding learning experiences on a daily basis, but these are rarely documented or shared outside the individual classroom in a purposeful way. How can we, as school leaders, highlight the amazing work of both our students and our teachers in spaces that connect within and beyond our immediate school community? Why should we share? What should we share? Where should we share? What tools should we use?

We all know that if you’re not telling the story of your school, someone else is! Ordinary schools leave it up to someone else to tell their story, extraordinary schools plan, coordinate and purposefully share their story with intention and focus. Leave today’s workshop with an understanding of why sharing your story is so critical, how to harness the multitude of tools you can use to share your story, and an individualized action plan for taking your school’s story from ordinary to extraordinary!