Social Studies Focus:

Intro to Current Events
• What are current events- define
• What are appropriate events

Appropriate news story topics include:
Politics: (assassinations, elections, treaties), including terrorism; historical discoveries/new information; science & technology; education, law,

SOME social/cultural issues {issues that will make HISTORY} (religion, the Arts, human accomplishments, large-scale disasters).

Inappropriate news story topics include: fires; mass killings/murders; kidnappings; airplane/car crashes; sports; celebrities, movies, gossip

• How can you describe these events
• How can you find the key points in an article
• Distribute task sheets and rubrics

HW: Post a comment on our blog with one “appropriate” article and one “unappropriate” article.

IT Focus:

Introduction to Working on the Network
• Make folders
• Introduce drop boxes
• Organize files
• Set up log-in for new students

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