Social Studies Focus

Start up Activity: Review sample blog, read all linked articles & determine how the requirements were met for the blog posting.

1. Take out current events blog 2006 assignment sheet
2. read requirements for initial posting
3. open blog (
4. read sample events posting
5. read article: Israeli Raid Worries UN
6. read all linked websites
7. EXTRA: determine how we used the requirements to create our posting using only the article as information

Review blog as a class, asking what they learned and pointing out all features of the blog.

IT Focus

Set up Blog
• Set up individual blogs for students (at
• Have student open e-mail before setting up account to make sure e-mail address works.

• Go to
• Username: firstname or firstname6
• Blog title: Kim’s Social Studies Blog
• Enter e-mail
• Change password
• Set up blog design
• Record student blog addresses

HW: Post your FIRST BLOG! Answer the question: What have you learned about current events so far this year?

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