Social Studies Focus

Start up Activity: Show sample posting rubric. Organize students in mixed ability pairs. Review your responses to our postings. Were they detailed enough? Did they really answer the question? How would they fit on the rubric?

Class discussion:
• Good responses – what does “affect” mean?
• Basic formatting – spacing and organizing posts
• Links – make sure to include links to articles
• Basic grammar and spelling – use MS Word to check grammar & spelling before posting

IT Focus
As a class: Go over advantages and disadvantages of certain presentations (log-in feature, pages feature, etc)

Advanced set up blogs: Individual work time
• Delete sample posting and comment
• Go over: modify/edit postings


(1) Find a new or connected article to our sample current events posting. Post responses on your individual blog. Make sure to include the original link to your article AND a link to our post.

(2) Re-do the homework from 2 lessons ago (thinking about today’s discussion and how to improve your post): “Who is affected & how?” and post on your own blog.

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