During the PD day yesterday, I also had a short chat with my IT Coordinator about George Lucas’s educational foundation, Edutopia . I had actually tried to buy their book while I was home this summer, but the shipment was delayed so long that I had to cancel.

I’m so glad he brought it up again, though, because it ended up causing me to read this article by Jan Hawkins which was written in 1997. Even back then (when I was still an undergrad) she was asking the same question we’re asking today (albeit with a slight twist): Instead of asking, “Should schools have computers?” we need to focus on a more productive question: “How are technologies best used in education to help students achieve and prepare for the world outside of school?” In other words, even back in 1997, educators were asking the same question I ask myself everyday: Why is technology driving education, when it should be education that drives technology?

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