Yesterday I had the pleasure of presenting a session on Blogging Across the Curriculum (still trying to figure out how to post a copy here since the file is so big…) at school. Even though this technology is so new to me, it has become so obvious that we can all use it in our classrooms every day, and each of us has the potential to use it in a different way.

Just because Peggy and I are doing individual student blogs on current events, doesn’t mean that’s the only way to blog in the classroom. How awesome would it be if the other sixth grade teachers took advantage of the work that we’ve done setting up the student blogs, and had them post on what their learning in the other subjects! I need to figure out how to encourage/enthuse some of the more reluctant teachers to take advantage of these new tools. Especially those that can utilize the groundwork Peggy and I have already laid with the sixth graders.

During my presentation, I kept referencing Will Richardson’s new book because he did such a fantastic job of describing how to unleash the potential of blogging for all of us. I hope that some of the teachers do go out and buy it (or at least borrow mine), because I feel like we only touched the tip of the iceberg yesterday.

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