I just discovered a nifty tool called coComment today thanks to Karyn’s blog.

Basically, coComment keeps track of all your online conversations for you. Every time you post a comment on a blog, coComment records your comment and then tracks all following comments to that post. All of your “conversations” are listed on one page. Wow, imagine that! One page where you can check up on all the different conversations you know you started but can’t seem to remember where. I love it!

Image from: http://www.seancoon.org/wp-content/postimages/cocomment.gif

2 thoughts on “coComment

  1. For me, coComment only works well if you use the same computer all of the time. If I switch computers then I forget to manually link to coComment and it doesn’t track everything anyway. That’s not to mention that if you comment on a Typepad blog, things can get very screwy. I commented on Artichoke’s blog once and got 471 unrelated conversations on coComment as a bonus! That’s no to say that it can’t work for you.

  2. Uh oh! And just when I thought I had discovered perfection :) I did notice that things weren’t quite as smooth when I switched to my work computer today. I will give it a shot though – I love the idea.

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