In order to create a truly exciting and enticing story for their 1001 Flat World Tales projects, many of our students are choosing to include alternate endings, in the style of the Choose Your Own Adventure books from the 80’s.

When we started explaining how to create links between pages, and how they can create as many pages as they want, they realized that they can incorporate reader choice (in this case, the alien king) into their narrative (in an attempt to ensure their survival).

Some are doing multi-faceted stories with many different story paths; others just have two or three alternate endings; still others have created totally interactive stories. Feel free to check out all of their stories (but please keep in mind that they are still in progress).

Slowly, but surely they are also starting to incorporate visual media into their stories as well. We are hoping we will have some time to allow them to narrate their whole story, add visuals and actually vidcast their tale.

The best part is that all of the students, regardless of their English language or technical skills, are excited, enthusiastic and engaged every lesson.


4 thoughts on “1001 Tales: Choose your own adventure

  1. Kim,
    this is a really cool way to do the stories. I used to love those books where I got to choose the ending and the flow of the story. There is something to be said for choice not only for how it is enhancing your students’ stories but in its effectiveness for change in our schools. Very cool and well done. By the way, we have a thrid grade class up and running now also. you can check it here.
    they brainstormed aspects of Dominican culture and then went on to write their own original myth on how that aspect of DR culture came to be. They also illustrated their stories and we posted those as well. Anyway, you have a great idea here for the story telling that I might be plagarizing in the near future.

  2. Jeff,

    Thank you! Plagiarize away! I love the idea of letting the students be in control as they read – and it’s so easy when everything is online!

    Your wiki is AMAZING! I will definitely be bookmarking and returning, especially as I prepare to enter the world of Elementary…

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