After reading my post on the role of the facilitator, Mark asked me to share our official technology integration mandate here. It’s also posted on our wiki, but in the interest of convenience, here it is again:


By the end of grade 8, all middle school students are expected to achieve mastery on the Information Technology & Information Literacy Standards & Benchmarks (6-8 strand).

As a team you will determine, through conversation and collaboration, the most appropriate, relevant and authentic approach to teaching and learning utilizing technology. It is the shared responsibility of each grade level team, in partnership with the IT Facilitator and IL Specialist, to infuse authentic learning experiences which embed the M’KIS Information Technology and Information Literacy Standards and Benchmarks.

Recognizing the international nature of our student population, the infusion of technology must reflect “the changing information landscape of the 21st Century” to deepen the curriculum to emphasize these attributes.

You’ll notice that we’re focusing on middle school for the first year. It is anticipated that we will adapt this mandate for elementary, and then high school, once we have the school-wide program in place.

I hope it’s clear that we are trying to place the emphasis on collaborative planning, authentic learning experiences, and staying up to date with new and emerging technology.

What do you think? Are we addressing all of the facets of a successful technology integration program? How does this compare with expectations at your school?


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