Now that I’ve spent a week enjoying our brand-new facility, I’m starting to wonder if “library” is the right name for our space. After all, we used to call Social Studies “History,”and P.E. was called “Gym”. Something about those new names, although they might have been resisted at first, just fits better than the original.

Maybe the same applies for our library, maybe there’s a better term for our new space – a term that describes a 21st-century facility that is the information hub of the school, the center of learning, the connection between classrooms, grade levels and teachers. If this area is dedicated to serving the next generation of learners, maybe it needs a next-generation name…  What do you think? Any ideas?


5 thoughts on “What's in a name?

  1. Learning Center? Learning happens throughout the school, but shouldn’t your space be the center of it all?

    Maybe some teachers would take offense…

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