Here in east Asia, the big regional conference for teachers is the EARCOS Teacher’s Conference. It’s usually sometime mid-March and all of the schools from this part of the world are invited to attend. ISB is a longtime supporter of the conference and the school actually pays for the flight to the conference, along with the conference fees (but not the hotel room), for all ISB teachers interested in attending. Considering this year’s conference is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (where I lived for the past two years – ironically last year it was here in Bangkok), I figured it was the perfect year to apply to present. A great experience plus trip back to one of my favorite cities in the world!

Although it’s still a work in progress, I thought I’d share my presentation here as well:

Workshop Title: Developing the Global Student: Practical Ways for Infusing 21st Century Literacy Skills in Your Classroom

Workshop Description: This session will focus on utilizing web 2.0 applications, such as blogs, podcasts, and wikis, to develop 21st century literacy skills within the core curriculum. Metacognition, research skills, and online awareness help students find what they need, learn at their own pace and safely share with a wider audience. How can we incorporate these exciting, motivating skills and technologies into our classrooms? Examples of completed student projects, along with teacher materials and resources, will be shared.

I just started a wiki for all of the resources I want to share, but there’s not much up there yet… I’m actually presenting the same topic in Singapore in November (thanks to Susan Sedro for getting me involved) so I will have all my resources posted by the 16th.

What do you think? Feedback? Suggestions?

Update: I forgot to mention that I’ll be presenting using Google Presentations and I would absolutely love for my PLN to be there so I can “pull back the curtain” at the end and give the audience a glimpse into the authentic learning that’s we’re engaging in every day! Time, date and URL to be announced here (and on Twitter just before theĀ  actual presentation).

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4 thoughts on “Developing the Global Student

  1. This looks great. Any chance of a backchannel/online component of your presentation so that participation can be global? I asked my Principal for the airfare and well…

  2. Kim your presentation looks great – pitched just right and with cool visuals. The idea of bringing your PLN into the presentation is a good one, I have been involved in this a few times with Sheryl NB and Allanah King in New Zealand. The direct contact made available to us via web 2.0 tools certainly gives the audience a ‘wow’ moment and shows those present how easy collaboration can be accomplished – long live the backchannel.

  3. hi am a 4th year education student..just looking on how can i improve my self when I go the field…in able to become competitive among the rest! it nice to know someone likes you is able to develop a student to be globally competitive! nice work…

  4. @Rick,

    Sadly, the wireless connection was pretty weak during the whole conference to begin with so hopes of a backchannel were totally dashed.


    I need to get better at bringing people in via Skype. I always love that in presentations, yet I so rarely do it myself!


    Thanks for your kind comments. Looking forward to seeing blogging soon!

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