After some very helpful comments on my last post, I have revised my collaboration continuum to reflect the need for some pre- and post-assessments, as well as consistent professional development and an emphasis on learning and assessment:

I still couldn’t think of different terms to define the continuum, although I don’t like the fact that “dependence” could have a negative connotation even though “full collaboration” is a good thing – we want to have more collaboration, more teaming, and more sharing of strengths. Any ideas?

What else is missing or needs to be revised? I’m definitely liking how this is starting to look…

Today Jeff and I also talked about the LOTI in relation to this collaboration continuum. Once we do a pre-assessment of where we’re at, we can look at using this model to help us move to higher levels of technology implementation. So, I made a nifty little graphic for that one too:

As I was browsing the site, I also came across this article about effective 21st Century leadership which I also plan on sharing with my admin team tomorrow.

What do you think? Do these work together well or am I off track here?

10 thoughts on “The Collaboration Continuum

  1. Kim,
    You constantly amaze me with the depth of analysis and thought you bring to what you do. These charts are really well constructed and offer a fabulous framework to work from.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Instead of a continuum from independence to dependence, what about making it from independence to interdependence? I agree that dependence does have a somewhat negative connotation. I also don’t think it’s really accurate when you’re talking about collaboration. Collaboration is working together in both directions; dependence sounds more like one person leaning on the other. Interdependence, on the other hand, is mutual dependence: two people both relying on the other. That’s more fitting for collaboration, in my mind.

  3. I particularly like the Levels of Technology Implementation and will be using this as a guide for delivering PD based on moving teachers from one level to the next. Please put your name on these pics though!
    Thanks for all your hard work

  4. I think we have a good start here and hope that we can get some sort of pre-assessment on the teachers in the coming weeks. If we’re truly going to move teacher forward we need to have a focus and the opportunity to do it. Hopefully when teachers see this type of depth and the levels we are trying to support them moving through we will get that by in we need with some of them. Of course we can’t get them all, but sometimes it only takes one rock to start an avalanche. :)

  5. @Chris,

    Thank you! It’s still a work in progress… I had a major brainstorm two nights ago and just need some time to post another revision up here :)


    I totally agree – your comment has led me off into a slightly different path. Thanks for the input, I hope my next version is more representative of what I’m looking for.


    Thanks! All these graphics are licensed as Creative Commons share and share alike, non-commercial.


    I’m really looking forward to doing that survey – it will be so interesting to see the results. And the idea of being totally transparent and clear with the amount of support we’re offering, I think, will really help people feel secure in trying new things.

  6. Can you elaborate on how you’ll pre-assess the Levels of Technology Integration? Do you use the DETAILS questionnaire from


  7. @Abby,

    Yes, that’s the plan – we haven’t implemented the survey yet, but once we have, I’ll share how we move forward.

  8. May I use your coaching chart image in a blog post I am working on for a graduate course? We are exploring coaching models and your graphic does an excellent job of showing the process on a continuum. I will absolutely link back to your blog article and attribute the image to you. Sincerely,
    Angie Clark
    Alabaster, AL
    University of Montevallo EDS student

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