A few weeks before our semester break, I wrote a post called International School Teachers Connect! in the hopes of discovering more international school teachers (those teaching outside of their home country in a school catering to expatriate families) on Twitter (or blogging).

Amazingly, within just a few days dozens of teachers had joined the Twitter group I created and left their contact details via this Google Form (please feel free to add yourself if you haven’t already). As of today, there are 65 teachers listed! Wow!

As promised, here is an organized list of all of the teachers in international schools who responded. Please add yourself in the comments or on the Google Form if you’re teaching outside of your home country in a school for expatriate children!

Note: I linked the names of teachers to their blogs (if listed) and their Twitter @username to their profiles (if listed):












Middle East/Central Asia




Latin America







It’s certainly interesting to see how many of these teachers are in the Asia region. I wonder if that’s because that’s where I am, and I was the one who sent the request, or if schools in Asia are more tech-savvy than those in other regions of the world?

With recruiting season upon us, it seems like a great time to connect with other international school teachers around the world! These are the people that can give you the greatest insight into life in a new country and working at a new school. There’s nothing better than actually knowing people at the schools you’re interested in to make an informed decision about where to go.

Having said that, I know there are loads more international school teachers on Twitter and maintaining a blog, so please, add yourself in the comments or to the Google Form!

8 thoughts on “International School Teachers Roundup!

  1. Thank for organizing the list. I’ve only been using twitter for about 3 months and it has helped me in so many ways. Finding people I was interested in following was not that easy. Your list has helped a lot, thanks!

  2. Thanks for this Kim! What a great connective resource of and for educators. Glad to be a part of it. Now I can get to work adding more people into my learning network!

  3. Ditto to the above comments! You are a great resource for connecting teachers in the international school Community KIm. Well done! I’ll spread the word among educators here at Qatar Academy for the Flatclassroom Conference so expect a few more from the middle east.
    Kung Hei Fat Choi to you and yours. Paul

  4. Hey Kim,
    Thanks so much for publishing this list – I am amazed! This is a great resource. And yes, I too am curious about the Asian majority. I look forward to expanding my network even more. Thanks again, and I hope you feel better soon!

  5. @eleanorh,

    No problem! I need to do an update of this list soon too – more and more teachers are adding themselves. So good to see so many international school teachers sharing and connecting online.


    Glad I could help! Looking forward to seeing the new connections you’ll make (and share) next school year :)


    Thanks Paul! I’m late replying to comments, so I can share that quite a few QA teachers signed up after you spread the word at the FC conference :)


    No problem! I wonder how long it will take to see the list spread around to the rest of the world…


    No prob – thought it would be cool to know where people were teaching too.

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