Thanks to Jess McCulloch for tagging me with this fun post idea. I decided to be a little creative and re-use some older pictures that I’ve already shared via Instagram, Twitter or Flickr, combined with a few recent ones. One of the highlights of living in Japan is that we have 4 distinct seasons, so here’s a glimpse of my daily “commute” (a 10 minute walk) through the seasons:

I start my mornings with a moment on the balcony, enjoying the breezes and (mostly) sunny skies, and the view of Yokohama harbor:

What a difference a day makes! Gorgeous post-#typhoonday morning here in Yokohama!

This one is from the day after a major typhoon. What a difference a day makes!

After heading downstairs (we live on the 9th floor of a 22 story building), we cross this busy street. Thankfully the crossing signals are unusually long in Japan so we rarely have to wait. Some days, I get extra lucky and I get to walk to work with a friend:

It's fun to commute with friends!

Then we take a short stroll across the canal:

Canals of Yokohama

and then up the steps:

Morning Commute 1

through a little park with some super cool trees:

Winter sunset on our walk home

and an interesting statue (that I still don’t know the meaning behind):

Create the Future

and across the adorable mini-bridge:

Morning Commute 2

And we’re there:

Sakura in front of #YIS is blooming!

Of course, if the weather is not so great, or we’re feeling lazy, we take the escalator up the hill instead of the stairs:

Almost a snow day...

which leads us through a short walk through yet another park:

Our Walk to Work

Plus, if we go that way, we’re rewarded with a fantastic view of Mt. Fuji (on clear days):

Mt Fuji & Moon From YIS

And some stunning sunsets on the way home:

Beautiful dusky light on the way home from work. Yokohama on one side, Fuji on the other.

I must admit, I love my commute! What does yours look like Chris Betcher, Clint Hamada, Chrissy Hellyer, Brian Lockwood, Keri-Lee Beasley, Dana Watts and anyone else who wants to play along?

18 thoughts on “On my way to work

    1. @Cathy,

      Thanks! All you have to do is write a post, and link back to this one and it will appear in the comments as a trackback. Of course, you can also tag others when you write your post to keep the idea going.

  1. That was awesome.
    I need to pay better attention on my way to work — but regardless, it will be NOTHING compared to your spectacular views.


    1. @Jen,

      Thanks! Would love to see your commute too! I’m sure there is something fabulous on your way to work :)

    1. @Teresa,

      Thank you so much for the info on the statue! Now I know what it’s all about – and it is very fitting that I see that one on my way to school every morning :)

  2. What a great activity this has been! I love looking at the other people’s journeys to work. They are so different and really reflect the area and country that we teach in. This would be great to do with students as well. Does it snow where you are? How do you get to work then?
    Anne Mirtschin´s last blog post ..A Class Blog or Individual Student Blogs?

  3. Wow! Stories are so much more interesting when told through pictures. The commute you had in Japan is very beautiful! I am a student at the University of South Alabama in EDM 310. I would love to use some of your ideas for my classroom when I become a teacher. Thanks!


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