Sometimes we all get so busy we don’t stop to think about how much we are learning (or doing) because we just don’t have a single moment.

That’s pretty much how the last year has been. It’s been amazing, but constant. And I’ve been learning so much. I wish I had forced myself to blog more, to reflect more, to share more, because simply the act of reflecting in a way that makes sense to others helps me make sense of it all too!

Now I’m forcing myself, thanks to a little peer pressure from the Eduro Learning team, to make it a priority to share more regularly, and I’m starting with something I am super excited about (and partly what’s been keeping me so busy over the last year).

You may have seen some of the Facebook Live sessions we have been sharing on our Eduro Learning FB page (if you don’t use FB, we post them all here on YouTube too), or maybe you’ve noticed the 28 day challenge that started over on our Instagram & Twitter this Monday, or maybe you’ve even joined our brand new Facebook Community

Well all of that fun stuff has been leading up to the launch of our new Eduro Learning Microcredentials. I, personally, am so excited about these microcredentials and how they can support and connect teachers – and from that, what we can continue to develop for teachers (and I know the rest of the team is too)!

What are microcredentials?

Basically, microcredentials are a series of courses, usually backed by an academic  institution, that allows the participant to dive deep into an area of interest or passion (read a little more about them here in Jeff’s post). In our case, we’ve created microcredentials for teachers that we are SO excited about!

They are:

All of these are so exciting to me because they are exactly what I wish I had when I started connecting my classroom, teaching in a 1:1 classroom, and becoming a coach – and then facilitating parent sessions!

Here’s a quick video intro to our Microcredentials in general (actually, this is a playlist that includes a few videos about our microcredentials, so you watch just the first one or all of them if you’re interested!)

Why are we so excited about microcredentials?

Microcredentials, and the ones we’ve created specifically, are pretty awesome for a number of reasons:

  • you get to dig deep into a topic you’re super passionate about – and you get documentation that you made the commitment to learning. This is something worth putting on your resume! And if you need continuing ed credits, we have those too!
  • they’re highly customizable – we have the courses that make up the credential, but you can determine the order you want to take them, even the timing for each course and how you want to put together your personal project.
  • they automatically include a network of cohort participants that are all passionate about the same thing as you – so just like COETAIL, you will build and expand your Personal Learning Network just by participating!
  • in addition to the awesome network of participants you’re joining, you also get 1:1 access to a mentor, who is highly experienced in this field that you’re so passionate about. For almost a whole academic year, you get a mentor to bounce ideas off of, to share successes and challenges with, to ask all your burning questions!
  • basically, they are the perfect shortcut to learning that gives you all the best resources curated in one place, with a group of people AND a mentor that want you to be 100% successful!

What can you do to get involved or learn more?

If this all sounds appealing to you, and you’re ready to get started, the Microcredentials launch on September 28th! Until then, you can get a preview of the kinds of things you’ll learn by:


Highway to the Stars by, CC Licensed on Flickr

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