For the majority of my adult life, I have been (and continue to be) a teacher. In my career as a teacher, I’ve primarily been a Technology Coach, working with teachers to help them understand how to use technology to enhance and transform learning. You might say I’m a geek.

And now that I’ve discovered my interest in fitness, I’ve been applying all of my geekiness to my new passion, lifting. I feel like I’m constantly learning so much, and I value all of those learning spaces so much, that I wanted to share some of my favorites with you here…

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(Note: this page is a work in progress, I’m nowhere near done, but I like to share, so I’m sharing now)

Flipboard: Full on Geek

I read a lot. And I often like to come back to relevant articles, so I’ve made a few Flipboard magazines about fitness and nutrition. You can read my articles, subscribe to my magazine, and if you’re super geeky, create your own magazine and flip them into yours! Anything I think is worth reading again, I flip into the following magazines:

Instagram: Daily Geek

You know how some days you wake up and you don’t feel like working out? We all have them, and for me, my inspiration to get myself to the gym is from Instagram. I think it’s the visual nature, the quick videos, and the awesome learning opportunities. Literally every day I learn something new I want to try via Instagram. Here are a few of the people I always look forward to seeing in my feed (in no particular oder):

Now, those are all kind of “big names”, but there are tons of awesome lifters that I follow that I feel like I can (kind of, in some small way) relate to. Most of them are women, and most of them are powerlifters, and eventually, I will start listing them here too…

Facebook: Friendly Geek

I feel like, being a geek, I should get my news from Twitter. But, honestly, I mostly get it from Facebook. I have cultivated my Facebook feed to be more than babies and cat videos, though, and I follow a ton of fitness professionals and fitness websites, so my feed is filled with articles, video tutorials, and research from all sorts of interesting sources. And because Facebook is about making personal connections,  I feel like it’s the place where the personal and professional meet. Here are a few of my essential Facebook follows:

Twitter: List Geek

I am kind of sad about this, but I rarely use Twitter any more. But if I do, I make use of my various lists, so I get focused updates about the content I’m looking for, rather than an unending stream of mixed up content with teaching, fitness, Bangkok, travel, expat life, and all the other topics and people I follow on Twitter. If you are looking for a strength training focused list of professionals on Twitter, you might like mine.

YouTube: Tutorial Geek

One of my favorite things is my YouTube subscriptions list. Every day I can watch awesome new training videos from amazing experts in the exact sport I’m interested in! These are the ones I watch regularly:

And here are some YouTube playlists I’ve created:

Podcasts: Training Geek

I listen to podcasts while I train and some of my favorite podcasts are about training! Here are a few:

  • TSA: The Strength Athlete
  • 3DMuscle Journey
  • Sustainable Self Development
  • Revive Stronger
  • Empowered by Iron
  • Jeff Nippard Radio
  • Physique Science Radio
  • Sigma Nutrition Radio
  • The Jugg Life

Books: Starter Geek

As with many things, I started really geeking out on heavy lifting with a selection of books.

These are some of my favorites that are great for beginners:

  • Strong Curves (if you’re not sure you should be lifting heavy weights, read this)
  • Starting Strength (if you want to geek out on form and lots of boring, but beginner strength training, read this)

And when you’re ready to dig deeper and want to get more scientific:

Competition Resources: Competitive Geek

If you’re interested in competing for powerlifting (like I am!) here are some of the resources I found really helpful in the lead up to my first competition: