How cool is this:

Last night, Jeff Utecht invited me to Skype into his presentation on online professional development at the EARCOS administrators conference in KL, Malaysia today at 9:30 am. Of course, I said yes!

So, this morning, I strolled upstairs in my PJs, opened up the laptop at about 8:45 am and saw on Twitter that Jeff was about getting ready to go live with his presentation on UStream.


There I was, watching Jeff give his presentation in KL, following along with his thinking and the dynamic of the group, for about a half hour (along with about 40 other people from around the world). Just before our appointed time, Jeff Skyped me to see if I was ready (btw: good Skype etiquitte is to text a message asking if the person has time to video/audio chat, before calling) to join the group.

Because I had been a participant in the presentation for the last half hour, I was able to build off of Jeff’s thoughts and jump in right where he left off – as if I was in the room with him! Except, of course, I was in Bangkok in my PJs and Jeff was in KL in a tie…


As if that wasn’t enough, once the presentation was finished, a few people from my network told me that they recognized my voice as I was speaking in Jeff’s presentation (that they were watching from home in the US, Australia, New Zealand, etc) even though they didn’t hear the part where I was introduced! Have I mentioned, that none of us have ever met F2F?


The best part is that this is pretty much an average Sunday around my network! I love technology!

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4 thoughts on “Sunday 2.0: An Average Sunday in a Web 2.0 World

  1. Thanks Kim for your Skype call. It was perfect! I didn’t even think that you would be watching on Ustream and would know what we were discussing. I did know from an earlier Twit that you were in your PJ on the deck…which is very cool. These networks are amazing. Thanks again for the Skype call….hope I can return the favor sometime!

    See ya on the network!

  2. Kim,

    It was really great to recognize your voice, and to be here in the U.S.A. on a Saturday night listening to a Sunday workshop in Shanghai!

    What was even neater for me, is after TechForum, where we were using twitter and Ustream, our tech coordinator rejoined Twitter, and popped up in Jeff’s Ustream, so my F2F and online networks were meeting!

  3. Kim,

    It’s eerily strange how similar your desktop looks to mine. From you screenshot, I would have sworn that I was looking at my screen.

    I love technology, too.


  4. Jeff,

    Thanks for having me! It was a blast and I’ve used it as an example of our changed world so many times already :)


    Does the world tremble when the virtual and f2f collide? Seems like it should ;)


    I love getting a glimpse of other people’s screens – it’s amazing how much we all having going on all at the same time!

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