At the very end of last year our (very generous) Parent Teacher Association donated ten iPods to our Learning Hub to house our audio book collection, video resources (like United Streaming downloads), and student-produced multimedia content (book reviews, commercials, podcasts, Student Council information, etc) and archives of events at school that have been recorded.

Earlier this year we went through the process of barcoding each iPod, setting up a charging station (inside an old server rack so they can be displayed in the Hub), and entering them into our library catalog so they can be checked out by students.

Next, in order to ensure that all of the iPods have the same resources, we have set up one dedicated iTunes library on one desktop machine in our Learning Hub. All of the iPods are synced through the same library whenever we have updates to our collection.

The final step in the process is a written permission slip that both parents and students must sign before checking out the iPods. Thanks to Paula White and Paul Wood, we had an excellent starting point to work from, but it’s still a work in progress and we would love your feedback.

We want to make sure the permission slip is clear, but also easily understandable by our very diverse population, especially considering many of our parents speak English as a second, third or fourth language (or not at all).

Here’s what we have so far (please disregard formatting):

iPod Permission Slip

The ES Learning Hub now has 10 iPods for checkout, graciously donated by our PTA. In order to check out an iPod from the Learning Hub, you must return this permission form, signed by both you and your parents.

Please note: You will only have to sign this form once. Your records in our database will be updated to show that your child may check out an iPod whenever one is available and requested.

By signing this permission slip, you are agreeing that any damage or loss of the iPod (and it’s accessories) is your responsibility.

  • If the iPod is lost, you agree to pay the entire replacement fee.
  • If the iPod is damaged, you agree to pay the entire repair fee.
  • If the iPod is damaged beyond repair, you agree to pay the entire replacement fee.

The replacement fee is US$200.

Please note: The following terms and conditions apply:

  • I am responsible for any damage to the equipment while it is in my possession.
  • I will maintain physical control of the equipment at all times while it is in my possession at the location stated below, except during transportation to and from the school.
  • I will return the equipment in the same condition as it was at checkout.
  • I will follow all rules of the ISB Acceptable Use Policy I signed at the beginning of the year.
  • I will promptly report to ISB Elementary School all damage to, or failure of, the equipment while it is in my possession.
  • I will pay for the costs of all required repairs to the equipment, which arise from damage, misuse, or failure of the equipment while it is in my possession. All repairs will be conducted through ISB.
  • I will return the equipment to the school by no later than the due date for return stated below.

Student’s Name (print):
Signature of Parent:
Location of Equipment While Checked Out (address):
Phone Number Where Equipment Will Be Located While Checked-Out:

What do you think? Easy enough to understand? Are all bases covered?

Does anyone else check out iPods from their library? Are we missing anything? Any advice?

0 thoughts on “iPod Learner's Permit

  1. I like your iPod form. I think stressing the importance of responsibility is very important. I’ve applied for a grant that would allow me to purchase some iPods for my school library and will hear the result in February. I’d like to use some of the information on your form if possible.

  2. @Chad,

    Thanks! I agree that responsibility is the key. Please feel free to use and adapt this form in any way (that’s exactly how I made this one) :)

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