Seeing as it’s the end of the year, and the perfect time for reflection given that our three-week semester break started yesterday and our friends from Munich won’t arrive until Monday, I thought I would take some time to list my recent achievements at ISB.

There’s something about the act of writing things down that helps solidify them in my mind – it’s almost as if I don’t write them down, they didn’t happen (which definitely makes me wonder what I did before I started blogging two and a half years ago). And, even though I know I have all of these things already recorded in various posts here on this blog, it really helps organize my own thoughts by listing them all in one space.

In addition to keeping myself organized and up-to-date, I also love the idea of sharing successes. I am always inspired by all of the amazing things I read from my personal learning network, and I would love to see a similar list of achievements from other edubloggers (if you have the inclination and the time). Being able to follow up with a concise list of the fantastic work I know everyone is doing would be just perfect for a type-a personality, such as myself!

So, in the interests of sharing and reflecting, here’s my highlighted list of achievements over the past year and a half at ISB:

Phew! I’m tired just looking at this list! It’s amazing how quickly you forget what you’ve done if you don’t take the time to reflect. And, of course the constant influx of amazing things streaming in via Twitter and Google Reader, is always inspiring to do more, to go further, to keep moving. Sometimes it’s nice to just take a moment to see how far we’ve come. There is always more to be done, always the next steps to take, but for right now, I think I’m pretty happy with what I see here.

What are your major accomplishments for the year? Please feel free to share a link to your own list in the comments here!

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  1. Very impressive. You have been a very busy and successful lady! I am bookmarking this post as an inspiration for me. I think that it will help me to be able to set some pretty good goals for my own position. Thanks for your inspiration and all I have learned from reading of your learning and growing.

  2. Hi Kim,
    Wonderful list of accomplishments for 2008. I can appreciate how bloggers can use this medium to document their professional learning. I think I have learned much over the last year as a result of my daily blog post. It has been rewarding and empowering. Best wishes for the new year.

  3. This is quite a list of accomplishment! You should be proud of yourself. I hope to put together some sort of list in the near future, not nearly as impressive as your list, but hopefully it will be a start.

    I agree with you that putting what you’ve accomplished down on paper makes them seem more “real.” Sometimes we take for granted what we’ve accomplished and even forget some of the important things we’ve done. Making a list can also help you set more goals for the following year.

  4. @Martha,

    Thank you! It feels good to have it all down in one place. I find it so helpful to read what other’s have accomplished too – to get some ideas and inspiration for what to do next!


    Good on you with your daily blog posts! I wish I could write so frequently, but usually I’m lucky if I get one solid post in each week. Look forward to reading about your accomplishments this year!


    Thank you! Happy New Year to you too :)


    Thank you! Good idea about the using this list to set goals for next year. I guess now is the time to start thinking about those goals too… This gives me a nice activity for this weekend :)

  5. Hi, so totally impressed by your accomplishments in 2008. I am using it sort of a map for my own journey with my own style. I hope you don’t mind.

    By the way, I have missed you blogging in 2009. Taking a well deserved break or getting refueled? Just wanted you to know I notice and I miss you.

  6. @Heather,

    Thank you so much! I’m just taking a bit of a break before I jump back into things. Whenever I have vacation, I really stop everything and relax. Work started back up on the 12th and I’m just taking my time getting back into the routine. I’m so flattered and honored that you miss me! You’re motivating me to get back to writing ASAP!

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