This past weekend, I was honored to be a part of the first-ever Apple Distinguished Educator Asia Institute, here in Bangkok, along with my fabulous colleague here at ISB, Justin Medved. This first “class” of Asia ADE’s had around 50 teachers from local and international schools from Bangkok to Beijing. It was so inspiring and empowering to sit in a room with these amazing teachers – from the university level to kindergarten, local schools with minimal budget, to international schools with every resource you could imagine.

Temple GuardOur team leaders, Maxx Judd and Rae Niles, always referred to the ADE’s as our “new friends” and developed a very collaborative and supportive environment for our long weekend of Mac-mania. The main focus of the institute is to work in teams to develop a project for the Apple Learning Interchange (ALI). As could be expected, I was on a superstar team, including my good friend, Clay Burell, and my two new friends Adriaan van Wijk and Jeff Plaman. We had a great time developing our project: GASP: The Global Action Sustainability Project – soon to be posted on the ALI.

Although I enjoyed the extensive coverage of Apple education products, and the quick presentation by Google (!), the best part about the weekend was spending time with my group, developing the project, and touring around Bangkok compiling multimedia resources to support our work. I love the way that the ADE Institute focuses on the process of creating an exemplary project in a collaborative environment and supports the development of quality resources for all teachers to use. I must admit that haven’t looked at the ALI recently, but after seeing the absolutely amazing work that came out of this 4-day institute from all of the new ADEs, I’m definitely going to be promoting it as a superior resource with all of my teachers. I highly recommend checking it out today!

It's Official

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9 thoughts on “The ADE Experience

  1. Hi Kim
    Welcome to the wonderful world of ADEs!! I am a member of the “Class of 2003.” It’s an incredible network and unlimited fountain of knowledge. And from what I’ve been following on Twitter, especially from you and Chris, I congratulate and commend you for the work you have done and will continue to do!! Don’t you just love the certificate!??

    Looking forward to meeting you in person some day!

  2. Kim,
    Welcome to the fold! Being an ADE has been one of the best experiences of my life. It’s truly a collaborative community. Whenever I need it most, fellow ADEs are there to inspire me.

  3. You are a great educator. It is through blogging and networking that I discovered many marvellous people like you. Well done superkimbo! Keep it up.


  4. Charlene and Tami,

    Thank you so much for the warm welcome! Everyone involved has been so welcoming and friendly! It sure makes the community a great place to be!

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