One of my favorite projects of the year is beginning soon!

The 1001 Flat World Tales project was initiated by Clay Burell in Korea over three years ago and has been going strong ever since. I first started working on this project at the middle school level, but this will be my second year working with elementary school students. No matter what grade level you’re working with, this is a great, easy to implement, collaborative writing project that students love!

This year the wonderful Jeff Whipple is helping me coordinate the Elementary School section and he’s also coordinating the Middle School section. Anyone interested in taking on a High School workshop?

We are looking for elementary classrooms at all levels to participate in this writing workshop. The project will last about a month and we’ll set up small grade-level based groups to create collaborative groups for our peer editing process (following the planning process we started last year). If the suggested time frame doesn’t work for you, feel free to start your own workshop later or earlier in the year – our goal is to bring together teachers that would like to embed collaborative writing and authentic audience into their classroom experiences.

As part of the project, students will:

  • experience writing for an authentic audience
  • work collaboratively with peer reviewers around the world
  • follow the writing process to build an understanding of your selected style of writing
  • utilize a wiki for writing, editing, forum discussion, and revision history
  • understand how to connect information through hyperlinks
  • create and embed multimedia elements to bring a story to life

Here in Bangkok, I’ll be working with one of our fantastic grade 4 teachers, Sonja Merrell, and we’ll be using the workshop to build our understanding of persuasive writing. Sonja and I worked together last year as well and found the project to be a great venue for establishing authentic audience and for really grounding students in the writing process.

One of the best things about doing this project for the second time with the same teacher is that we’re able to make the improvements we thought about during our reflections last year. Looking back at our reflective conversation, I’m pleased to note that we do have a class blog up and running and students are very familiar with the web 2.0 world: writing for a global audience, commenting on others’ work, and looking for connections within our network of learners.

Our plans are to ensure that we have a clear and consistent focus on the concept of persuasive writing through a slightly revised layout of our pages and by providing a checklist for students to follow. Hopefully the improvements we make this year will lead us to other ideas for next year’s project! I love the fact that the learning is never done and these projects are so easy to evolve and revise that we can keep making them better and better.

We would absolutely love to have you join this project with your class! Fill out the online form and you’re in! All materials, resources, rubrics and related information can be found on the wiki. Feel free to leave questions here or on the discussion tab of the wiki.

8 thoughts on “Third Annual 1001 Flat World Tales Project Begins in March!

  1. Kim,

    This is a great idea. I’m going to spend some time looking it over in detail and would like to give it a try with my Grade 6s this year. I hope we could add kids from Spain to the list!

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