Last week, Jeff, Tara and I were on a mission to find a video for our elementary faculty meeting next week, so I sent out a Twitter plea for great videos:

And thanks to all the wonderful folks on Twitter, we found quite a few excellent videos! I thought I’d share a few of them here combined with a few others I’ve bookmarked over the last few weeks (along with a few old favorites from a previous post: Viral Video):

A Nokia ad: The 4th Screen Revolution:

The Essay:

An elevator temporarily becomes stairs:

Cathy Fiorina on the Dynamics of Change and Fear:

This one, called Truth Happens, was actually shared by one of our CoETaIL participants, Jim Fitzgerald. Although it’s an ad for Linux, the message is clear and definitely relevant for those of us advocating for change in our schools:

I think we found this Kaplan University ad a few weeks ago – it’s absolutely perfect for starting conversations about our current school-system model:

Julie and the team of 21st Century Learners in Doha, Qatar made this video (modeled after the Learning to Change, Changing to Learn video I showed the faculty the day before) while I was visiting QA last week:

And an old favorite, Epic 2015:

Looking at my Delicious account, it looks like I have 229 bookmarks tagged video! It amazes me just how much material is available and how easy it is to find!

Do you have any favorite videos you’d like to share?

0 thoughts on “Worth Watching

  1. Awesome thanks for sharing these! I really liked the Escalator, Truth Happens, and The Kaplan Professor!!

  2. @Carl,

    Thanks! That was the video that inspired us to create the 21st Century Learners video above.


    Thank you! This is a fantastic resource! Will be adding to my bookmarks :)


    Thanks, glad they’re helpful!


    Excellent! Thank you for adding another one to the list!

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