I know I’m a little late catching on to this video:

(And while we’re on the topic of awesome videos, you might also want to check out Epic 2015 (thanks to Graham for sharing), Education Today and Tomorrow (from Dean Shareski), The Power of One, and Karl Fisch’s Did You Know?)

but at least I’m not as behind as this guy:


Thanks to Clay Burell for making my day by sharing this video on his 1001 Teachers Wiki.

Next step: adding all of these to “Why should I care about integrating technology into my classroom?” page on the Tech in the Middle wiki…

7 thoughts on “Viral Video

  1. Kim,

    On the web it is never too late or too early to post something. It’s all an illusion. For those of us who read and post often, it seem that there is always “something” that is catching people’s attention and prompting them to write. This excellent video is an exmple of this. However to feel that you are behind or late because you posted after everyone else would undermine the most important fact that you were sharing at all. If I had never heard of the video and I was one of your regular readers I would be thanking you right now! :)

    Keep up the great writing and sharing!

  2. And I just Diigo bookmarked this permalink because you linked to so many on one page–great! (And I had NOT seen one that you link to–which I’m going to embed on my class blog.

    A bit different from Justin’s point–actually, I suppose something Justin just helped me learn–is how, as a blogger, i feel somehow guilty if i post s.th. everybody else is posting. if i go “viral,” i suppose is the lingo.

    something about traditional (well, early modern to now) notions of authorship. proprietary. i shouldn’t copy others, take the videos they found, etc.

    but that’s old school, isn’t it? it’s information we’re all eager to disseminate. repetition is a new form of publication etc. fascinating.

    look what you’ve started. :)

  3. Thanks Justin!


    I know exactly what you mean – I hate posting things that everyone else is posting because I figure everyone else has seen it. But, if this blog is helping me learn and reflect on my learning, why shouldn’t I? And, just as you and Justin say, it’s all about the sharing, right? “Repetition is a new form of publication” – I love it.

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