How depressing is it when you’ve bookmarked the perfect YouTube video, only to go back a few days later and find that it’s not there any more?hacks.png

Yesterday Silvia pointed out that the Introducing the Book video I posted about last week has been removed (by the user) from YouTube. Just when I was planning an inspiring little screening here at school!

Thankfully, today I stumbled upon some handy instructions on how to download YouTube or Google Video content. Just perfect for those of us that never want to loose anything! (Apologies in advance for forgetting where I found the link in the first place).

And, just in case you need to go back for that video, Silvia has found another copy here. Now if only I could access YouTube at school I might be able to download that video for my very own… Another task that will have to wait for home…

7 thoughts on “Get your own copy

  1. Firstly i love your blog, and have found it inspirational in starting my professional blog.
    Secondly, i am in the process of collecting all kinds of information to present to our head when he returns from recruiting to remove the youtube block, if you are interested let me know and i will pass it on. Some more ideas for using youtube despite blockage can be found here:
    Finally, maybe i should host a big party this summer for all us blogging-international-techies.

  2. And isn’t this just so true for the links we (would like to) make for our students to resources on the web – half the subsequent effort is taken up with ensuring they are still there!

  3. Clay,

    You rock! You got to that video before I had even made it home from work!


    Thank you! I’m excited to read about your journey and I would love to have the information about YouTube. I’m pretty sure things will remain the same here, but it’s worth a shot.

    Absolutely you should host a party this summer – fantastic idea! Will you be in the States? I’ll be in CT for most of the summer, maybe a few weeks in Washington state if I start a certification program I’m looking at.


    Exactly! I love to compile links and I seem to have a naive expectation that they will be there forever. But when they’re good, we want to use them forever, right? I do remember reading somewhere that Furl (I think) saves a copy of the page as it exists when you bookmark it. I think I need to investigate that a little further.

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