Alex and I have always wanted to go to Japan and we finally managed to organize a trip there for our Songkran (Thai New Year) holiday a few weeks ago. We’re pretty well-traveled, so normally I wouldn’t think one of our vacations is worth a blog post, but this trip had something special: my PLN.

Twitter Meet-up

One of the reasons we decided to go to Japan this year was because I actually had quite a few friends living around the country. Not friends from college or high school, or former colleagues, in fact, I had never met most of them face-to-face. But we share ideas, collaborate on projects, and chat almost every day, thanks to Twitter, Skype, G-talk, and my RSS reader. Because of these virtual friendships, we were able to take a very unique tour of Japan, stopping in at three schools, staying with friends, and really experiencing a taste of life in Japan.

Of course, through all of this, I got to know my virtual friends so much better. It still amazes me how deeply we can connect online, and just how real my virtual friendships are. Meeting Leanne, Rhonda, Christine, and Genki for the first time wasn’t really like the first time – I knew them already from our many conversations!

Tweet-up DinnerThis isn’t the first time I’ve met members of my PLN face to face, but it is the first time it hasn’t been at a conference or professional event (or on my own “turf” in Bangkok). I love that we originally connected based on our professional interests, but that we can build on that foundation to create a true friendship that extends beyond work.

Thank you so much, friends, for making our trip to Japan so absolutely fantastic! We never could have done it without you!

The best thing about holidays is spending time with friends, and thanks to my PLN, it seems like I have friends almost everywhere!

How have you connected, in person, with your PLN?

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  1. That sounds like a wonderful trip! My husband and I (we live in SC) have been traveling around the US for 45 days so far. When we went through Kansas, we met up with my twitter/plurk friends over 2 days. Howie gave us a wonderful tour of the Cosmosphere and lots of advice. Then made sure my PLN knew where we were having dinner both days and lunch one day. It was a wonderful experience. It made me feel that the world is really smaller than I imagined. Now we are in South Dakota and may get to meet up with someone in my PLN tonight. Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience!

  2. Hi Kim,
    It was a web 1.0 collaboration, but I had first grade buddies with 2 classes in Santa Barbara, CA in the mid-90s. When I went to visit relatives in LA, my daughter and I went up to meet them and their students. We also brought things from NH for the buddies and they made photo albums for me to bring back and share with my class.
    I also started to collaborate with Chris and Chad at ASParis and when we visited Paris in 2005 we visited ASParis and met Chris and Chad face to face. We are still friends online and F2F.
    It was also great to meet you recently, although F2F time was too limited as I was part of a group!
    Silvia and I spoke today about her visiting here this summer and I look forward to visiting with her very much.
    It’s also exciting to meet someone in person who I’m not in contact with but whose writing and contributions to my PLN I am familiar with and create a connection from meeting at a conference or workshop.
    All these friendships have enriched my life whether or not we meet face to face, but meeting in person deepens those friendships.

  3. @Pat,

    Isn’t it amazing how all of our virtual connections translate so naturally into the physical world?!


    I really feel like we get to know each other really well through our networking. That constant connection we have through Twitter gives us such a regular and personal insight into each other’s lives. It just makes the F2F time even richer!

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