It’s all about connections. Links in the virtual sense, being able to go from here to here. But also in the physical sense, traveling here, thanks to friends you made here. Making friends there, that you can easily bring back here.

Here’s what some of my connections look like:


Twitter Map

Twitter Flock


Facebook Friend Wheel


Elliette on Skype

If you don’t understand the power of these connections, you’ll be falling farther and farther behind. Probably without even knowing it….

The New Digital Divide

Because, really, even if you all work here, sometimes you don’t have time to meet there, so you can just as easily meet here:

Unit Planning, 21st Century Style

So, what I’m really trying to say is: embrace the power of the web and find your connections! You never know where they might take you!

5 thoughts on “Embrace the Power of the Web

  1. I totally agree, the internet create network and serves as a great tool for connection and creativity. There is so much to do and learn from. I have began to use simply technology in my classroom and for the coming school year plan to go all the way in implementing the web in my lessons as soon as I get the hang of them.

  2. @Susan,

    Thanks! I’ve been wanting to use these pictures for a while – I think they probably need a little more explanation, though. Maybe I’ll add a description to their Flickr pages…




    Good luck! I’m sure you will find many benefits over time :)

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