If you had told me 10 years ago that I would be a a small business owner and a competitive powerlifter, I would have thought you were crazy. But, here I am (and it still kinda surprises me every day).  I know that a big reason I’ve been able to get here is because of  the amazing coaches supporting me in achieving my goals.

After almost twenty years of being a coach in schools all over the world, and ten years of consulting with schools about innovative learning practices, I feel like I’ve learned so much about coaching – and being coached. But it’s in these last two years of really stretching myself, both mentally and physically, that I’ve truly recognized the power of having a coach in my corner.

You see, the interesting thing about being a coach is that you’re often perceived as an expert, and sometimes we fall into the trap of feeling like, as an expert, we know enough to solve our own challenges, but actually a big part of being a successful coach is realizing the value of having your own coach.

It was during a recent conversation with Adrienne Michetti, whom I’ve been mentoring for about a year, that I had an “aha” moment:

Everyone needs a coach, even the coaches!

We were talking through some fun coaching ideas for her to try, and I made a connection to my own experience…

So many times when I’m struggling with something that’s an area of growth for me, I simply can not see my way out of it. I get all wrapped up in my own head, and can only see with one perspective. But when I support a colleague, I can see so many other perspectives, strategies and potential solutions so quickly and easily.

As Adrienne and I were talking, I realized how many times it was easy for me to see a path forward or recognize a misstep when I was supporting another colleague. If only I had someone who was supporting me in my professional goals with that kind of clarity. And, what if that person was so dedicated and focused on my goals, and making sure I was equipped to reach them, that I felt like I could come to them with anything and be supported?

Oh, the irony, because, of course, that’s what a coach does for their teachers.

So, who coaches the coaches? Who supports them in taking the next step in their learning journey? Who helps them identify strengths and opportunities for growth? Who helps them prioritize, strategize and make the most effective and practical use of their very busy days?

We often say that teachers should be learners too, and that doesn’t end when we become coaches.

It turns out that even the coaches need a coach. And inspired by that conversation, I created this episode of our new YouTube series, Five Minute Friday:

Which also made me realize, that I’m probably not alone. I’m probably not the only coach who:

  • wishes they had a coach too.
  • would love to have an experienced coach by their side to talk them through specific challenges they’re facing in their role in schools.
  • would love to see good coaching modeled on a regular basis.

And I’m sure I’m not the only coach who wants to #coachbetter in 2019.

That’s why I’m so excited about our third cohort of our EduroLearning The Coach Microcredential. The core component of our program is having your own private mentor (spoiler alert, it’s me or Diana!) for the entire academic year.

In addition to providing all of our best online courses designed specifically for instructional coaches in schools in one streamlined program. The Coach includes your own private mentor to guide you through all of the course content, to help you set a specific professional goal for the program, and then support you in reaching that goal.

It has been such a privilege to mentor our previous participants and graduates, to see how much they’ve grown and accomplished over the course of the program, and I can’t wait to start working with our next cohort of dedicated coaches!

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And just in case you’re curious what our participants have to say, we’ll be sharing some quotes over the next few weeks, but here’s one to get you started:

Do you have a coach in your corner?

Do you have your own coaching story? How has having a coach helped you in your professional growth? What was the value of having a coach for you? I would love to hear your experience too!

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