A Brief Bio

I’m Kim, a technology consultant and educator with nearly two decades of experience living and working in diverse settings across Asia, North America, Europe, and Africa.

On the micro level, I thrive at empowering teachers and other professionals to authentically embed new and emerging technologies in their classrooms and workplaces. I create a dynamic, inquiry-based, learner-focused environment for everyone with whom I collaborate. On the macro level, I guide schools, school districts, and businesses in implementing innovative, tech-rich, and community-inclusive learning programs within their organizations, in order to meet their varied goals. I pride myself in effective cross-cultural communication, which is evidenced in my business functioning smoothly across 6 time zones, with employees in four different countries. In educational settings, I excel at supporting schools in their journey towards 1:1 (student:laptop) learning.

Recognizing that technology can be overwhelming territory for some, I strive to empower my clients with not only the confidence, but also the excitement needed to successfully navigate the ever-changing, global face of the technological landscape. All throughout, I make the process enjoyable and engaging, debunking the myth that technology has to be a complicated and stressful domain. For a more comprehensive look at the passion, commitment, and knowledge with which I engage my clients, feel free to take a look at the book I co-authored and the professional development and consulting companies I co-founded, along with our business’ accompanying educational coaching podcast.

While I am from the U.S., I currently live in Bangkok with my husband Alex, who is also an educator. In my spare time, I enjoy geeking out about my lifelong learning journey on my blog, Always Learning, or training for and competing in powerlifting which I detail on my other blog, Learning to Lift. Other interests of mine include plant-based cooking, yoga, Zen meditation, photography, reading (especially science fiction), traveling, and leading an urban hiking meetup. I volunteer as the Secretary General of the Thai Powerlifting Federation, and am passionate about supporting women in their quest to reach their strength goals. Other fun facts about me are that I collect Persian carpets, view eating as a top priority, and have a goal to visit 50 countries before turning 50 (having already met my goal of visiting 30 countries before 30).

I’m an extrovert who loves connecting with people about any of the above topics, so please reach out here to start a conversation.