Work With Me

Whether collaborating with your school or educational organization, I have the aptitude, skillset, and innovative tech-rich solutions to make your vision come to fruition.


I guide schools and businesses in augmenting their vision and designing a strategic plan for a more technology-rich learning environment within their workplaces. Amongst other collaborations, I’ve helped professionals across the globe organize conferences, transform their teaching and learning through the use of innovative pedagogical approaches, refine and implement their technology coaching programs, and uplift their social media storytelling. I also excel at streamlining business communications across time zones, managing projects on a small or large scale, and facilitating team building, communication, and leadership development experiences.


From 5-10 minute inspirational keynotes to more elaborate presentations, I craft engaging educational sessions that meet your school’s or business’ distinct needs. I aim to enhance your digital citizenship by having you learn technology the way you live with technology, so that your business or school stays relevant, forward-moving, and globally-connected.


I offer one and two-day workshops individualized to your school or business. Together, we’ll assess where you are professionally and where you’d like to be. I’ll then conceptualize and execute a practical and interactive workshop blending innovation and technology, all tailored to your own professional growth. My work can be offered as a condensed presentation, or developed into extended workshops for a more in-depth and hands-on experience.


I’m passionate about mentoring professionals in using technology to do new things in new ways. As a learning coach, I offer private mentoring sessions to individuals and small groups. Our sessions focus on your unique assets, passions, and goals for your personal and professional growth, and I render step-by-step action items that are both effectual and enjoyable to seamlessly bridge you and your goals.




I guide administrators, teachers, parents and students in developing technology-rich systems that help better connect their school to its community.

Learning Coach

I help teachers understand the power of technology to enhance and support learning, inspiring them to use technology to do new things in new ways.

Classroom Teaching

I design interactive experiences for students that highlight and enliven new technological tools while focusing on collaboration, creativity, communication and digital citizenship.

Delivering Professional Development

I facilitate professional development that builds connections between teachers, subject areas, and grade levels, meeting the needs of individual teachers as well as the school’s goals.

Connecting Communities

With parents as our most valuable partners, I collaborate with schools to develop and deliver workshops about technology use at school, and how parents can best support their children’s learning at home.

Empowering Students

I strive to respect and promote the thoughtful perspectives of our students, as many of their valuable ideas, insights, and skills are often left unrepresented in the classroom.