I’m Kim Cofino, a Technology and Education consultant here to elevate your school or business through the strategic use of current and emerging technologies. Let’s collaborate to enhance your digital competency in this dynamic, interconnected, and ever-changing world.

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She’s helped transform student learning

Kim’s work with SSIS over the last 5 years has helped transform student learning.  Through presenting on different uses of technology, the focus is always about empowering students to move beyond consuming to producing.  Pedagogy and theory are delivered through active participation in her workshops with participants finding immediate applicable to their classroom.  I would recommend developing a long-term relationship with Kim, as she will provide resources and advice on steps to help you meet your technology goals.

Tina Fossgreen

Curriculum Director, Saigon South International School, 2017

Kim made a real impact here!

Please know that your work with us here provided some real momentum and push behind what we have decided and accomplished so far this year and we are working to capitalize on it and leap frog us forward. You made a real impact at SIS, Kim!

Shirley Droese

Shekou International School, Jan 29, 2012

Kim offers a thoughtful and challenging approach

Kim offers a thoughtful and challenging approach, making us interrogate our strategic direction. Her depth of knowledge is such that our staff respect and follow up on what is being presented. We have a long-term commitment with Kim in developing our technology and we are looking forward to the continued partnership, not just when she is on our campus but through the additional information she has sent us and the conferences and training programmes offered through Eduro Learning, Coetail and the Learning2 Conference.

Duncan Millward

Deputy Head of School, Taipei European School British Primary School, 2017

I would recommend Kim to any institution

As soon as Kim came into our community, she had an instant understanding of where we were in our technology and innovation journey and worked with us to create a bespoke plan and timeline for technology integration. I was most impressed by Kim’s ability to work with people and get them to articulate their thoughts and, sometimes, fears about using using technology in the classroom. At no time did I feel that Kim had a ‘one size fits all’ plan that she rolls out in school after school, instead she helped and advised us to create our own plan that was right for our context. I would recommend Kim to any institution that is looking to use technology and innovative practices to enhance the student experience, and I am very much looking forward to working with Kim in the future.

Mark Jones

Head of Professional Learning, Dulwich International High School, Suzhou, 2017

Kim really does inspire teachers

I’m very happy to recommend Kim to you. She’s wonderful and everyone I’ve ever had attend her workshops has come away with new understandings of technology and how to incorporate it into the classroom. I have brought Kim into two different schools I’ve worked for. Both of the times we brought Kim in we considered her a bargain, no matter our out of pocket costs, as she is just that great. During my role in organizing PD for schools, I’ve always found that its far more cost effective to bring one consultant in to the school than it is to fly even 5 people off to a workshop elsewhere. Kim really does inspire teachers to try changing their practice, and so, if you are looking to figure out if she is “worth it” my answer would be to say, Yes, she is.

Allison White

Suzhou Singapore International School, Feb 2012

She gave us immediately actionable advice

In the three days Kim worked with us, she challenged our thinking and gave us some very practical and immediately actionable advice and ideas to integrate technology into our units of study. Just as effective working with our whole faculty or in smaller subject or grade level teams, Kim helped our teachers reimagine how our units can be designed to develop our students’ conceptual understanding, agency and ability to apply their knowledge and skills to new and unfamiliar contexts. What was intended to be three days focused on technology integration evolved into a broader examination of how we design learning experiences to meet our students’ current and future learning needs. It was a very meaningful three days and Kim’s observations and recommendations continue to prove invaluable as we reimagine what learning looks like at our school.

Mike Simpson

Director of Curriculum and Learning, The International School Yangon

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