From 5-10 minute inspirational keynotes, to more in-depth presentations, I would be happy to design a session that meets your needs. All workshops can also be offered as condensed presentations.


Keynote: Social Media Killed the Hollywood Star

An L2Talk (5 minute mini-keynote) given at Learning2 Asia 2015:


Keynote: Making the Connection

We’ve all had the experience of settling an argument in a restaurant with a quick Wikipedia search, or navigating around a new city with Google Maps, but all too often our use of technology in the classroom is disconnected from these types of real-world uses. However, when we learn with technology the way we live with technology, the classroom can be just as relevant and engaging as our everyday digital interactions. How can we make the connection between our real-life experiences and our classroom learning environment so that we can better prepare our students to excel in this dynamic and interconnected world?


Keynote: The Reluctant Risk Taker

An L2Talk (5 minute mini-keynote) given at Learning2 Asia 2014:


Keynote: A Recipe for Innovation

An L2Talk (5 minute mini-keynote) given at Learning2 Africa 2014:


Keynote: The Future of Learning: Mobile, Connected, Collaborative

Living in Southeast Asia for the five years opened my eyes to the possibilities and potential of our globally connected future. Simple acts of daily life in the vibrant cities around Asia reveal a colorful spectrum of inspiring metaphors for how we can build our global future together. Often what we may find initially chaotic, disorienting and strange in other countries can actually spark new ways of thinking about our future.

Based on my pre-conference keynote for the K12Online 2009 conference, this TedXTokyoTeachers talk is a short 10-minute version.