27 White Lights: My 6th Powerlifting Meet

27 White Lights: My 6th Powerlifting Meet

Best. Day. Ever. First time ever going #9for9 AND getting all #whitelights ⚪️⚪️⚪️ for every attempt across the board, AND hitting a new #pr for every lift 💪!

Won 🥇 in my weight class in the open and masters 1 and qualified for #tpf nationals in the 63kg class (open & Masters 1). Clanked my way home on the BTS with two fancy new medals!

HUGE thank you to everyone who made this day awesome! @teamgpt programmed the perfect #peak and meet day strategy and sent me encouraging texts while flying back and forth for USAPL open nats. @guentheralex is the master at handling me and being my videographer at the same time. The @thaipowerlifting team killed it with a super professional meet, with gold spotting & loading and outstanding officials and refs, as usual.

Bonus! Whatever craziness happened last week with my weight was all resolved, weighed in at 60.9kg today (after being 64.9 on my worst day last week!).

Things I learned today:

😡 I want to work on being more aggressive. I kinda got into it with my #deadlift and I liked it. Now I need to figure out how to bring it to #squat and not exhaust myself.

⛰ I think I do feel much better when I have a peak and a bit of a taper before a meet. I feel like I pushed as hard as I could, while still making all my lifts today, and I don’t feel as destroyed as I did last time with no peak.

🙈 Someday I would like to try to compete where someone else selects my weights for me and I don’t actually know what’s on the bar. I think when I believe I can lift it, I can, but deciding the next attempt can mess with my head.

🌞 I have to figure out how to warm up better for squat. I feel like I wasn’t quiiiite ready since I’ve been training in the heat for a while now, and the aircon was on full blast today.

🐣 I seriously need to practice my new cues I’ve been figuring out lately. I literally was not able to use *any* of them today because I just reverted back to old habits as soon as I got on the platform.

Live and learn. Can’t wait to #compete again! 

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